Safety Procedure When Trekking In Phu Quoc Forest


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safety procedure when trekking in phu quoc forest

Things to do:

  • Wear appropriate clothing: thin, light, easily absorbent. Have bright colors that easily reflect light instead of absorbing it. Do not wear nylon or polyester clothing. Wear a wide-brimmed hat to both avoid the sun and avoid dangerous animals on high.
  • Do not wear a mask to easily control the health situation, when the jungler shows signs of fatigue or heatstroke, it will show clearly on his face. Therefore, not wearing a mask to lead the group can know the health status of the accompanying person to arrange a reasonable rest time or slow down.
  • Drink water in a scientific way: Adding water during climbing is very necessary because the body needs a lot of water. However, you should not drink a lot of water at once, but divide it evenly between 15-20 minutes, then take a few sips. Because the forest of Phu Quoc mountain has very high humidity and quite large coverage, it is unnecessary for you to bring too much water and makes you lose a lot of strength when carrying it
  • Do not rest for too long: because the body is in the process of exercising with high performance. If you rest for too long, you will lose feeling and make your body more sore and numb.
safety procedure when trekking in phu quoc forest
safety procedure when trekking in phu quoc forest

Things not to do:

  • Touching mushrooms, fruits or plants without knowing them well: Due to the nature of the tropical jungle, the flora and fauna in the forest and mountains of Phu Quoc are quite rich. In which there are many species of toxins such as money tree, poisonous mushrooms … touching those plants can continue to be put into food without you even knowing it.
  • Do not break trees, especially wild orchids and medicinal fruits. For tourists, breaking orchids or destroying trees is not advisable because each tree species has a function in the ecosystem, and if anyone goes to the forest to also pick orchids, it will create a very bad image. Not to mention cutting down the trees listed in the red book will cause trouble for you.
  • Do not litter: When you go to the forest you bring something, bring it back. Except for organic waste. The rest, please bring it back and put it in the right place, creating a clean and green environment for future visitors.

What to do when lost in the forest?

Forests cover more than 70% of Phu Quoc’s area (nearly 314km2) Getting lost can still happen for those who are not used to going to the forest. Getting lost takes time and can be dangerous if attacked by wild animals. So what to do when you get lost are:

  • Standing still, should not move further.
  • Shout out the name of the leader or any person in the group. The tour guide will find you on their own according to their experience.
safety procedure when trekking in phu quoc forest
safety procedure when trekking in phu quoc forest

Hope the above sharing will help you to have safe and fun trips in the forest. If you have any questions about Phu Quoc national forest as well as trekking routes. Contact me now, I will be happy to answer your questions. Currently, I have a number of tour programs related to exploring the forest and mountains of Phu Quoc, which you can refer to here.

Wish you have a nice trip.


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