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Recently, Phu Quoc has been bustling with activities of climbing, going to the forest, experiencing wild nature. More than 70% of the island is forested and mountainous, it is no exaggeration to say that the pearl island is blessed with “golden forest” and “silver sea”. Let’s learn about the famous waterfall in Phu Quoc but few people know it is Thay Tu Waterfall, an attractive destination for young people who like to challenge themselves.

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General introduction

The people who live in Mekong delta in general often name a place in a very understandable and realistic way. Thay Tu Waterfall literally mean “Monk waterfall” – This is a waterfall associated with a man who is determined to go into the deep forest to meditate.

Next to the waterfall there is a small cave, where the monk practiced. At present, there are still many personal belongings related to him such as pots and pans, dishes, incense burners and worshiping pictures… in addition you can see he has many old photos that are said to be private pictures of his family. The whereabouts of this monk is still a mystery, local people also have very little information and have almost forgotten, only knowing that he was the first to set foot on this waterfall.

With the scenery still very unspoiled, the water pouring from above to the bottom has a deep puddle where you can swim in the cool water. The surrounding is covered with large trees and boulders with many strange shapes. There are fish species such as triangular heart fish, yellow thread heart with many colors. Especially the “hill climbing” fish, the name local people give to a species of snakehead fish or live in streams with high slope, they have the ability to jump high to find the source of the rivers to spawn.


Ideal time to visit Thay Tu waterfall

The best time to explore Thay Tu waterfall is at the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the dry season from September to February, at this time the waterfall has a lot of water and the weather is favorable for you to experience the forest and mountains of Phu Quoc. Of course, you can go to the waterfall at any time of the year, each time has its own characteristics if you are a person who loves to explore and is not afraid of the weather.


How to get there

Thay Tu Waterfall is located in Cua Duong Commune, Phu Quoc. Go in the direction of Da Ngon Stream, above Duong Dong Lake. To reach Thay Tu waterfall, you can travel by motorbike or car to Cay Thong Trong, then walk in the forest with a length of more than 4km. The path is quite easy with mostly flat terrain. The first 2km you will go in the primeval forest habitat of the family oil tree with large old trees with high coverage, the temperature is lower than outside of the forest. Here you will see many kinds of precious trees such as Trai, Tram, Boi Loi, Ken Ken Phu Quoc…

Next 1 km you will go through the rose myrtle forest, here you can enjoy the main myrtle fruits. The berries are in season from March to June. In the season of myrtle blooms, the whole area is purple, a great place to take pictures of the landscape. Next, the hardest part, you come to the area on the rocky mountain with many large rocks covered with moss, some large caves. Finally, you will be rewarded with a clear, cool spring waterfall. Where you can soak in the water, the fish will come to massage your feet, here you can also hit the hammock for a restorative sleep before returning.

What do you need to prepare?

The first thing is that you need to go with a local or an experienced guide because Phu Quoc national forest also has some dangers such as snakes, spiders… the path is not clear and it is easy to get lost. Moreover, going with a guide, you will be able to share stories about the lives of the people here as well as knowledge about flora and fauna and how to give first aid if you are unfortunately bitten by a snake.

You need to prepare and bring the following things: Trek shoes, small backpack, long pants, sweat-wicking shirt. Trekking pole… bring at least 1 liter of water/person, medical first aid, a knife… don’t forget to bring snacks in case of exhaustion, supplement energy…

Note: This area belongs to Phu Quoc National Park recognized by UNESCO as the world’s biosphere reserve, so it is essential to protect and limit damage to the environmental landscape. Absolutely do not litter, do not cut trees, pick wild orchids. Do not burn wood, cook, do not hunt wild animals.

Thay Tu Waterfall is an attractive place you should experience when coming to Phu Quoc, join hands to protect the environment with the motto “take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints”.

Wish you have a safe trip and many experiences.


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