Trekking Tien Son Dinh Phú Quốc 2024

Trekking Tien Son Dinh Phu Quoc 2024

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If you are looking for a new experience close to nature, breathing the fresh air of primeval forests and immersing yourself in cool waterfalls, the following climbing route is for you. Trekking Tien Son Dinh Phu Quoc latest update May 2024.

With a height of about 280m and a road length of 1.7 km, the average time to reach the top is about 2 hours. Tien Son Dinh is quite famous with tourists and local people. The route is quite challenging but not too difficult. You can go whether it’s sunny or rainy. Every time of the year there are interesting things for you to visit and experience. On sunny days over 35 degrees, the temperature in the forest will be about 2 degrees lower than in the city because the forest is covered with ancient trees and tangled vines. The view from the top of the mountain can be seen all the way to the south of the island. The sound of cicadas and birds will also make you feel relaxed with every step.

On rainy days, the scenery seems a bit spooky, but the forest is full of life. All living things seemed to be awakened. The sound of rain falling in the forest is like a symphony that helps you get closer to nature, feeling the space with your 5 senses.

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Because of the popularity of the road, it is not difficult for you to go here by yourself. Tien Son Dinh is located in Ham Ninh commune, 10 km east of Duong Dong center. You can get here by motorbike or car. The starting point of the trail is Tien Son Dinh coffee shop located right at the foot of the mountain. Motorbike parking fee is 10,000 VND/motorbike. If you go by car, after the end of the journey you can enjoy coffee, juice or fresh coconut at the shop to support the local people, they are the ones who built the road and set up ladders for the trip. Your ride is safer. Prices at this shop range from 20,000 VND – 30,000 VND.


In addition to conquering the height of the mountain, you can also stop at some points to check in and save the moments.

Banyan tree is more than 200 years old.

With a unique shape, this 200-year-old, banyan tree is an ideal place for you to rest and take pictures. You can challenge yourself, climb up on the rock using the roots of a banyan tree or behind the rock there is a small ladder to help you climb up to get closer to this ancient tree and take impressive photos.

Trekking Tien Son Dinh Phu Quoc 2024

130-years old durian tree.

The durian tree is associated with the story of the first man who set foot on the mountain and named it. After a millennium, the durian tree still grows tall and bears sweet fruit every year from April to May. You have to be very lucky to be able to enjoy the fallen durian because squirrels and bats ate it before it fell to the ground.

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The shrine worships “Tong Van Nam” who named the mountain.

You can come here to take shelter from the rain and relax. Light a stick of incense to remember the deceased and pray for a safe trip. The story of his life is also quite thrilling. Legend has it that he came here to practice Buddhism and eventually stayed here forever. His body was buried by people at the top of the mountain.

Trekking Tien Son Dinh Phu Quoc 2024

Bats cave

After climbing the third ladder, which is also the highest ladder, precariously located on the cliff, you will see a small cave. The inside of the cave can accommodate more than 5 adults. In the past, when there were no ladders, local people often crawled through this cave to reach the top of the mountain. If you bring a flashlight, you can crawl in and look through the mouth of the cave down to a completely different scene. Note that inside the cave there may be snakes, bats and wild toads.

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Trekking Tien Son Dinh Phu Quoc 2024

Tien Son Dinh

After climbing to the top, the view from above will be a worthy reward for a long journey. Here you can observe Phu Quoc international airport, Bai Vong port, and part of the southern part of the island. On clear days, you will see the 22Kv power line from the mainland bringing electricity to the island.

Trekking Tien Son Dinh Phu Quoc 2024

Lie in hammocks and listen to birds singing.

If you’re too tired, you can lie down on the hammocks strung up in the trees. A short nap will help you recover your strength to go to the second location on the mountain.

Trekking Tien Son Dinh Phu Quoc 2024

The highest peak of Tien Son Dinh.

About 200m east of the first peak, you will reach the highest peak with a more panoramic view. The scenery is completely wild and extremely impressive. But you have to be very careful because the road is quite dangerous.

Trekking Tien Son Dinh Phu Quoc 2024

The largest bats cave in Phu Quoc.

This is the largest bats cave in Phu Quoc. It was a hiding place for soldiers during the resistance war against the US. This is the residence of thousands of horse-nosed bats, snakes, centipedes, toads, and frogs with an extremely rich ecosystem. You can learn more in this article.

Ecosystem In Bat Cave Phu Quoc

This cave is not for those who are afraid of insects and reptiles. To get here, you really need a guide to equip you with safety equipment as well as certain knowledge to avoid affecting the creatures in the cave.

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First, you must have good health so you don’t give up midway. Comfortable clothes that wick away sweat well. Trekking sticks. Drinking water is about 1 liter/person in the rainy season and 1.5 liters in the dry season. Spray mosquitoes and insects. And finally, a pair of trekking shoes is essential. Medical first aid box.

Other notes.

Tien Son Dinh is part of Phu Quoc National Park, so you need to avoid breaking or cutting trees. Kill unnecessary creatures. Maintain general hygiene, do not litter, take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints.

During the rainy season, you need to watch your steps carefully because you may encounter the most common snake on Phu Quoc, the red-tails pit viper. It does not actively attack you, but it is ready to bite if you accidentally step on it or pass in front of it.

Respect local culture and people. If you encounter an old man with a long beard, you can absolutely donate some money so he can buy incense burners and maintain the path. But this is voluntary.


Currently Trekking Tien Son Dinh is the most convenient route giving you a completely new experience in Phu Quoc. In addition, you can refer to tour programs with local guides here:


The guide will tell you fascinating stories about the history of people, lands, and ecosystems as well as protect you from harm. potentially dangerous.

Wishing you a safe trip and many memories.


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