Don’t be confused rach vem beach and sao beach

rach vem beach

Rach Vem beach and Sao Beach, Don’t be confused

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Recently, I heard many tourists were confusing about two places: “starfish beach” and “Bai Sao” also means starfish beach. (“Bai” means beach; “Sao” means starfish or starfish).

Bai Sao which is near Bai Khem is in the south of the island. The beach has white sand, it is shallow and calm in the rainy season from April to October. Many Vietnamese tourists come here to enjoy the beach and take a boat to 4 other small islands for sightseeing. The beach is not clean and dirty in the dry season from November to March.

sao beach

Bai Sao (Sao beach)

Rach Vem beach

Starfish beach (Rach Vem beach)

Whereas, Starfish beach or Rach Vem is beautiful in dried season and bad in rainy season. The beach is well-known for foreigners especially European. The beach is in the north of the island, it takes about 30 minutes drive by car from city center (25 km). This beach became famous because this is the natural habitat of thousands chocolate chip sea star which had red and black thorns live along the beach. You can easy to see them but do not bring them to the seashore. They can be died when you take out of the water too long.

How to get to starfish beach (Rach Vem)

From the city, you can take a car to go to Rach Vem it costs around 900.000 – 1.000.000 vnđ mil. Or you can rent a scooter (150.000 vnđ/day). The road is quite rough and bumpy when you came close to the beach, however, it’s nice to try if you are confident driving scooter.

What to do at Rach Vem?

Well, most of people go there to looking for starfish, photo with them. Some people go there to sunbathing walking around, enjoy fresh seafood…

If you don’t know how to arrange the trip and what to do there, why don’t you take a tour. At present, I have the tour to Rach Vem to looking for sea star by snorkeling. So what are special things in my tour?

Firstly, I will guide you to the best place which is less crowded and more beautiful, which is a little further but worth it.

Secondly, Rach Vem itself is a fishing village, now they are slightly switching to serve tourists. I will tell you story and explain about their daily life.

Moreover, Snorkeling is the best way to see sea star without effecting on them. As you know, starfish they don’t like people stay to close to them.

You are also able to see the main land of Cambodia and hear story about historical sea of Vietnam and Cambodia…

There are more and more…

I promise with all my heart and experience I will do everything to make our journey together memorable. Thank you so much for your time.

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