Top 6 Famous Local Dishes Must Try In Phu Quoc

Top 6 Famous Local Dishes Must Try In Phu Quoc

Top 6 Famous Local Dishes Must Try In Phu Quoc

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Traveling is experiencing new things. From nature, culture, history to cuisine. Traveling experiences in many places have taught me that in any country or territory, there are cuisines that are closely associated with the daily life of the people there. Speaking of Vietnam, people often mention a very rich cuisine. From street vendors to high-end restaurants. From big cities to rural areas, there are always delicious dishes that you will never forget once you try. As the world-famous chef Gordon James Ramsay once said, “If I was born in Vietnam, I would be a bad chef”

Top 6 Famous Local Dishes Must Try In Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc, where I spend most of my time and love for the island, also has a number of typical dishes with a “sea and island” flavor as well as many dishes that are a clear expression of cultural interference. regions. For example, the famous banh xeo dish, you can find it anywhere in the land of the letter “S” in Vietnam, but Phu Quoc pancakes have distinct flavors with many unique vegetables that each customer needs. International tasters say “wow, amazing”. That’s why I’m always proud of the cuisine of Pearle Island and have also contributed my small part to promote the country’s culinary culture.

cho duong dong phu quoc

Hello friends, my name is Si, I have lived for a long time in the ancient capital of Hue, known as a culinary paradise and also a place with rich cuisine, the most famous in Vietnam because according to Hue statistics, there are up to 1300 dishes out of a total of 1700 dishes across Vietnam. I am currently living and working in Phu Quoc.

Here there is a clear interference of cuisine by the wave of migration. You can find pho everywhere, from Pho Nam Dinh to Pho Hanoi, Ly Quoc Su. From Quang noodles to Hue beef noodle soup, and indispensable southern dishes such as Chau Doc and An Giang fish noodles. Bun Quai, vermicelli, bun trumpet, banh te, banh khot… Below I’ll show you some restaurants that are hard for tourists to access without a local guide.

Bun Quay (stirring noodles)

Referring to Bun Quay, people often refer to some famous brands such as Kien Xay, Thanh Hung … and recently there are many emerging shops. However, to enjoy the original taste, go to the fishing village of Tran Phu right away, choose a restaurant with a lot of locals to enjoy, of course you have to wait a bit long and quite difficult for foreign tourists. outside.

Bún Quậy Phú Quốc, also known as Phú Quốc Stir-Fried Noodles, is a dish that embodies the unique flavors and ingredients of the island.

Bún Quậy Phú Quốc often features fresh seafood caught locally, reflecting the island’s abundance of marine life. Shrimp, squid, and various types of fish are commonly used such as mackerel and herring.

The sauce dressing used in Bún Quậy Phú Quốc typically incorporates the salt, MSG, sugar and chili, last but not least is kumquat which commonly use instead of lime.

Bún Quậy Phú Quốc is not just a dish but a representation of the island’s culinary heritage and cultural identity. It reflects the islanders’ connection to the sea and their skill in transforming simple ingredients into flavorful creations.



– Binh Dung branch1 (original) on Tran Phu street

– Binh Dung branch 2: Hung Vuong Street

Top 6 Famous Local Dishes Must Try In Phu Quoc

Mi Quang Co Ba Quang Nom

This is a rare restaurant in Phu Quoc that still retains the “Quang Nom” flavor up to 99% because the owner and his wife are from Quang origin and cook noodles entirely by hand according to the traditional method. In addition, you can buy Central specialties such as fish sauce, beef rolls… for those who miss the taste of home. The address of the shop is at Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Duong Dong

Address: 14d Ly Thuong Kiet

my quang co nam

Pho Nam Dinh

Pho is a favorite dish of people from the north, I have tried almost all Pho restaurants in the city center and this is the only one that I come to eat regularly. Authentic stewed bone sweetness, little use of additives, each bowl of pho from 60k – 70k usually eaten in the morning is the most delicious. The location is near the night market.

Address: 8 Nguyen Trai (right at the night market)

Pho nam dinh

Chau Doc fish noodle soup

This is a famous dish of Chau Doc city in An Giang province. Fish noodle soup is generally made from snakehead fish and served with a variety of vegetables, especially water sesban bean, bean sprouts, Vietnamese basil leaves, etc. The slight difference between Kien Giang and An Giang Chau Doc fish noodles is the color of the noodle bowl.

Address: 171 street 30/4

Coi Bien Mai

Coi bien mai is the muscle part of pectinata scallop that lives on the sea floor, abundant in the waters of Rach Vem, Ham Rong. Coi bien mai is as big as an adult’s hand but only takes the white round muscle as big as a thumb. This can be eaten raw with mustard or grilled, grilled with salt and pepper. It has a natural sweet, chewy taste. This dish is often available at local seafood restaurants and almost every restaurant has it.

coi bien mai

Phu Quoc draft beer.

Not Bivia, but Phu Quoc beer. These are 2 completely different beers that many people mistakenly think, including locals. Phu Quoc beer is produced in Phu Quoc, packaged in aluminum bottles, has a short shelf life, about 14 days. The brewery is located in An Thoi and supplies only to certain restaurants. It is a pity that you have not tried this wonderful beer if you come to Phu Quoc.

6 bia phu quoc 1

Above are famous local dishes in Phu Quoc from the perspective of a local guide. If you have the opportunity to come to Phu Quoc, let me take you to enjoy these specialties.

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